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coverIn the years following the reclaiming of the name of Sleepy Hollow in 1996, I received many inquiries for information about the real, historic village of Sleepy Hollow.  As the village historian, I found it difficult to reply to them all.  Many of the questions I received had to do with how the historic village relates to the famous story.  It was then that I began to write the material included in The Historically Annotated Legend of Sleepy Hollow, though it was actually many years before the book was published.  It is now available…

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“This book is essential to anyone interested in the historic Sleepy Hollow or any of its renderings in literature, film, television, stage, or the fine arts.”   J.H.

“With this book, Mr. Steiner continues Irving’s original impetus to elucidate and preserve a certain time and place—he fixes the coordinates of all the locations in the story and maps them out for us with illustrations and photographs.”    B.S.

“If you have only just heard of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” but never actually read the original story, herein lies a great opportunity to have it interpreted as you read it by Steiner, the longtime Sleepy Hollow Village Historian, whose intimate relationship with the area that serves as a backdrop to the plot offers a deeper understanding of how fact mixed with fiction provides such fascinating, long lasting appeal.”    D.J.

From the cover text:

“The literary success of ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’ lies in the author’s masterful blending of its parts.  The ‘mere whimsical band,’ or story line, is the product of Irving’s best powers of invention.  It continues to delight readers after nearly 200 years.  However, ‘the descriptions of scenery, customs, manners, etc.’ were drawn largely from life—the evocative locale Irving first observed in his teenage years.  Using these elements he recreated Sleepy Hollow as he once observed it, acknowledging his debt to the original.

Henry Steiner is the village historian of Sleepy Hollow

©2014 Henry John Steiner


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  1. This looks great! I can’t wait to read it! I often find myself in the area wonder where Ichabod really encountered the legendary horseman.

    • Thank you for your comment.
      The place where Ichabod encountered the Headless Horseman is a doubly significant spot in local history. It is where Major John Andre, secretary (adjutant-general) to the British Army in North America, was captured in disguise. It would appear that this event saved the cause of American Independence by preventing the British Army from capturing the American stronghold at West Point. The place is also significant in American culture, for it is here that the father of American literature, Washington Irving, staged the climax of his masterpiece, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.”

  2. Jessica Currie

    Hello Mr. Steiner, I’m a fan of yours. Would I be able to purchase this book with your autograph in it? I’m an artist desperate for as accurate information as I can get about the Sleepy Hollow Legend and Washington Irving. While researching, I fell in love with your brilliant blog and historical story telling.

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